Why am I so miserable at this instant, this hour?

Why do I feel so weak, without power?

Why does nothing excite me the way it did?

Why do I feel like I have nothing to give?

Why are people and feelings so complex?

Why is the modern world driven by sex?

Why do we harbor so many insecurities?

Why do we accept too many impurities?

Why do we settle for the bad, the worse?

Why do we settle for the spoild, the perverse?

Why do we surrender our own high standards?

Why do we forget the strength of words?

Why is it so easy to say something?

Why is it so difficult to refuse everything?

Why do we contradict words with actions?

Why do we seek neverending satisfactions?

Why do we laugh at the needy?

Why do we become rotten and greedy?

Why do I, why do we, simply exist?

Why is a question that will always persist.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

some things we'll never know why.

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You were full of yourself,

You failed to see reason,

You faulted the Creator,

You questioned His creation,

You felt in your heart,

You assumed in your head,

You concluded in your mind,

You said there is no God,

You are a fool!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nature itself is a proof that God is, to think otherwise is foolishness!

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I'm coming at you direct

Open my soul

Make me whole

Fall into the intimacy of my soul

If I opened my eyes

And not my thighs

I would want to regard my cries

The firmness of my breast

Lies only within my chest

Shouldn't matter as what's best

I'm not a ho of some kind

So learn my mind

Good intentions aren't hard to find

I'm not one for game

I don't believe you are all the same

But b**tch is not my name

Sex and money is not what it's all about

Your time and consolement is

Haven't you figured it out?

If you need me to guide you...

..every step of the way

Then you're not worth the time or day

You have to know a bit

You got to have some common sense

You have to know when to let the romanticism commense.

I'm not conceided

And I don't expect alot

I mean I have expectations but who does not?

You don't have to read me like an encyclopedia

Or exploit me like the media

Yet think my necessites are just to high

Because if I didn't tell you my life would be a lie.

You don't have to be perfect

But you have to be correct

Because after all I'm coming at you direct

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Yes, dissect only this moment on the clock

Find its fleshy center and go there.

For it is one with all other moments

Wrapped warmly with the laughing arms of God.

Yes, grasp onto these minutes with subtle fagility

Like pebbles, shiny pebbles, strung out one after another

And use your eyes fully for the first time

To see that the darkness is often as bold as the light

Yes, accept always the world in its fullness

As circles always turn and return to themselves

As nightime always comes to cover the sky

As rain always flows home towards the sea

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All There Is

Childish, I Know

In a day, on the edge of forever, we embrace

Standing beside us a small pond echoes the vastness of the ocean

Mirror like in its calmness we catch ourselves in it

You in your simple white, me in my pure black

You give joy, I bestow despair

Both provide comfort

The view beyond our ocean is neither black nor white, empty nor full

It is just uncreated

We clutch each other tight in timid realisation of what we are.

We are existence but nothing more.

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Tasmanian Tides

I am

Therefore I think I am

But am I?

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for i am shaman of human ages

(...all feedback radar sonar pattern squelching.)

We aren't much more than fleshblood radios

   tuned in to the golden frequency

of ever thought expanding

    consciousness becoming luscious

and ripe exposed to the fertile flow

  We are juicy, secreting transistors

channelling the electric burden of experience

  to fuel the perpetual life machine

because the interaction between the self

   and the environment

is as near an infinite number as it is possible

to achieve

and when We're right

               We're ripe to be plucked

from the vine and left to escape

(The Body is a gear in a cosmic scale life machine, holding its integral liquid puzzle piece of consciousness, a semiconductor

   a channel

for the transmuting ether of thought and awareness

no more than a sum of experiences pushing ever on

The Body is a broken radio the dials are...)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

God, the expanding mind machine.

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Discern the Spirits - Double Nonet



The Spirits

God gave you wits,

To judge and discern

Between truth and falsehood

And to reject what smells foul,-

Fawning wolf dressed in sheep clothing

Will suggest that you are too judgmental,

And attempt to convert you to their ways,

Do not believe the fawning wolfs,

But use your  God-given wits

To discern the spirits,

Observe the Onus!-

Not judging,- but




(c) Elizabeth Dandy

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Human Nature

Gotta have FAITH

Cage me.

I will be safe,


And that's all-

I'll ever be.

Free me.

I will soar high,

Go places.

Or die.

In my own foolishness.

What shall become of me?

A safe slave

Or a wild soul, endangered?

Your choice?

Or my choice?

"I'll be with you

until the end of time"

I believe.

In my cage, free me.

In my freedom, guide me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

June 12, 2004- "Free to be me"...I'm not the girl I used to be.~jerlin

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