I'm coming at you direct

Open my soul

Make me whole

Fall into the intimacy of my soul

If I opened my eyes

And not my thighs

I would want to regard my cries

The firmness of my breast

Lies only within my chest

Shouldn't matter as what's best

I'm not a ho of some kind

So learn my mind

Good intentions aren't hard to find

I'm not one for game

I don't believe you are all the same

But b**tch is not my name

Sex and money is not what it's all about

Your time and consolement is

Haven't you figured it out?

If you need me to guide you...

..every step of the way

Then you're not worth the time or day

You have to know a bit

You got to have some common sense

You have to know when to let the romanticism commense.

I'm not conceided

And I don't expect alot

I mean I have expectations but who does not?

You don't have to read me like an encyclopedia

Or exploit me like the media

Yet think my necessites are just to high

Because if I didn't tell you my life would be a lie.

You don't have to be perfect

But you have to be correct

Because after all I'm coming at you direct

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