And there you are

My love my life

You found me in hell

Want me to be your wife


But we can’t seem

To float let alone swim

But why not

I always did it with them


I fear I’m dying

Drowning in unshed tears

Shivering and scared

Unspoken fears


Why can’t we make it

Why can’t we fly

Why when I find love

Am I doomed to die?



Written on

February 2, 2009

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Again this one was to Eli. Asking why we cant make it.

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My Name is...


Seen it – own eyes – not a glance,

a present passerby

Blinded till the trice of trance,

main miser comes to lie.


Was so high, now struggle strolls,

aground the injured wings

Fatigue has taken enormous toll,

no hope but still treading.


Fallen hard but not to death

no sanity was found

Stayed submerged now seek a breath

I bear above the bound


Has been so long since gone astray,

ahead a glimpse of hope

So close but yet so far away,

nothing but lifeless lope.


Treading, treading, treading tough

at last, can lay to rest

lids shut, see the shining rough

Salvation! To my nest.


Awake to see the big blue vast

and all but joyous last

tired of the puppet thread –

tired of the puzzled head –

tired of the shutting door –

tired of letters unread –

all I can do is tread.

Perhaps I should tread……


                     ……no more.

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