The Strange Photograph

I saw something strange

Lying on the table.

I became curious about it.

What could it be?

I went to the table

And I saw a picture.


I saw a smile

As fair as a rose.

The hair was braided

Just like mine

Its colour was as gold as the sun at noon

The eyes were just like mine

Its colour was blue as the vast ocean

The eyes were glittering

With affection for someone dear.


Our gaze met

I was dazed.

It was quite different from my real world

I was holding hands with someone

And running about merrily

As a carefree girl.


The next moment

The person whom I was holding hands with

All of a sudden had left me.


Soon I was back to somewhere familiar

I was standing in my room.


Yes,it was true.

She really had left me

She would never ever come back.


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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

so sad!!! and portrayed with

so sad!!! and portrayed with such mystery.  you had me wondering from the first line!

GOHIL48's picture

lovely.. this was beautiful

lovely.. this was beautiful

CatherinJJ's picture

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

a.griffiths57's picture

The Strange photograph:



What a sad poem, but well written and a good read. Maybe one day you will be reconcilde with your mother.

cevance's picture

Very Lovely.

Very Lovely.

CatherinJJ's picture

Thank u guys..

Thank u guys..