cycle of life

All Things Will Come Together

                                                       All things will come together-                                                       

like a new born child and the first cry after birth;

crawling before the first steps,

and the four seasons in no particular order.

all things will come together-

like death in three’s;

the sequence in a category,

and the rotation of the hands of time.

all things will come together-

like the alignment of two bodies during sex;

every position in the Kama Sutra;

Apocalypse now until the music is over.

all things will come together-

like a new day followed by nightfall;

the adjustment to time zones,

and slumber.

all things will come together-

like mail delivery everyday even if its a misplaced address;

the sunset to the west,

and Leviathan to the east.

all things will come together-

like The End from The Doors;

Ten Years Gone from Led Zeppelin;

and The Wall from Pink Floyd

all things will come together-


like fresh clean clothes on any given laundry day;

the report card with straight A's,

and the tears of a first broken heart.

all things will come together-


when you least expected;

like a pregnant friend with benefits;

the true colors of a perfect stranger,

and the ending to this piece. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Be Patient, eventually all things will come together.

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flower on the third planet from the sun

The flower on a distant planet
The size of me
The wind on the enormous planet
Moves her side to side.
The flower knows not sin nor disrespect,
but life.
Its blue petals brighten the world around she
o' the abundance of life around her.
She is the planets life converter.
She takes in decayed air,
replaces it,
with lifes need of survival,
but knowing not sin, the plant cannot suspect it.
He who is sin,
plucks she who is innocent out.
The flower "innocent" cannot be restored.
She sits still dying,
her petals are blue no more, and the abundance of life no longer surrounds her.
Life moves on to another flower
awaiting the same fate...
The flower on a distant planet.

-october 18,2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a maze of hidden morals of life.
to understand this you must understand the world of today.

The Search

Volume One





The Search”



He creeps up to my bed

waiting for my death,

of my last breath

he reaches in and takes what he wants

then with my soul he taunts

knowing that I am damned

I search north and south of these lands

for my humanity, knowing I look to be a monster

I don't care much for vanity,

I don't carry much just my sanity

not to mention just my bare,

as people tend to mock and stare

that didn't bother me much.

My soul became more and more hopeless

my head seems so empty and alone

finally I lay a wreck across my head

Knowing that I am dead


"Death is the only way out!"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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