Dark; endless caves of unknown,

hollow earth; exploration of the abyss;

feeling with the stalactites

like sharp knives; morphed into weapons

of penetration. 


Engulfed; eaten by the eath;

a call to the subterranean;

want to go as deep as I can;

all the way to hell!!!!!


So I can be fucked,

and tortured endlessly

by the devil,

and ripped out entrails

swimming in the pool of black blood. 


Stabbed by the stalactites,

killed by the abyss;

endless pain;

nothing to miss


A raped soul

taken below,

stabbed left and right;

a wasted existence


Nothing to Miss!!!!!!!




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Some Cavern

This place is full of downers
Sad, smelly, flimsy frowners.
Tell me something, and tell it true,
Is it not as hard for me, as it is for you?
Depression, compression
Man it stings!
It crumbles, it dries,
And other things.
How are you and we to be all downers?
Man, wasting all these hours.
Can't we stop and smell the flowers?
Shut our mouths or reach from our ugly bowers?
I'm thinking maybe I should leave this place,
And this grey, and lost, and raggedy race.
Find some other place, to replace.
Then who would be a nutcase?
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Lying beyond the final gateway,

There surely you can't stay;

Multitude of possible worlds,

Caves and labyrinths beyond doors

Inhabited by nameless devourers.


Ultimate oblivion

With 'Umr at-Tawil!

Most Ancient One!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

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Cthulhu Mythos

Lying beyond the final gateway,

There surely you can't stay;

Multitude of possible worlds,

Caves and labyrinths beyond doors

Inhabited by nameless devourers.


Ultimate oblivion

With 'Umr at-Tawil!

Most Ancient One!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

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