Spring in step



  • Opportunities limitless

    Life ahead


    Remembering where life begun

  • Jumping



    Until you hit the wall

  • Time ticks


    Life passes

    Born in winter start the fall

  • Mind gone

    Legs gone

    Will gone

    Enslaved to a bed

  • No memories remain

    Eyes close

    In the end

    To the ground you are wed

    Author's Notes/Comments: 

    I wrote this after my Mom passed from cancer on July 7th, 2012

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    The Unlucky Girl

    You were always next to me in Ms. Yeo's office
    When I got a nosebleed from being abused by other kids.
    I always remember seeing her get angry every day.
    It was always fun going to the nurse's office with you by my side.

    All those years of being alone,
    You were the only one who was always there for me...
    That cheerful smile and optimistic light really gets me a lot,
    Even though I didn't really deserved any kindness from you.

    Remember when Brendon told you that he liked you at recess?
    That moment was just really cute
    Because I knew that you also had a crush on him.
    But still, you stayed the best friend I ever had there.

    And then, that damn breast cancer struck upon you...
    How stupid of me for not really knowing what it was at that time,
    Thinking that you were going to be okay when it was impossible.
    I don't think I smiled for a long time when you passed away suddenly...

    I miss you so much, Victoria.
    We were like sisters when we were little girls...
    I guess I was the lucky one and you being the opposite,
    For I knew that I was going to have to move on alone...

    Author's Notes/Comments: 

    This is dedicated to my childhood best friend, who died of breast cancer... :(

    I Will Be There

    When you laugh,
    I'll be there to laugh with you.
    When you cry,
    I'll wipe your tears away.
    When you're in pain,
    I'll be there by your side,
    I'll hold you tight,
    Everything'll be alright,
    'Cause I will be there.

    When you speak,
    I'll be there to listen,
    When you want to be silent,
    I won't say a word,
    When you dance,
    I will dance with you
    and when you are still,
    I'll sit by your side.
    I'll gaze into your eyes,
    I will not rise.
    I will be there.

    When you are lonely,
    I'll be there to say you're not alone.
    When you are happy,
    I'll be happy too.
    When your spirits are high,
    Mine soar to the sky,
    And when you tell me you love me,
    I'll always love you back.

    When the skies seem grey,
    and your wings are so heavy,
    I'll make the sun shine,
    I'll lift you to the sky,
    I'll watch you fly,
    And if you fall,
    I'll be there to catch you.

    I'll take your hand,
    I'll hold it tight,
    So hold on,
    It's time to fight.
    And when it seems you can't fight any longer,
    When your eyes start to close
    and your hand goes limp,
    Take a look around the room,
    'Cause there at your bedside,
    Eyes stained with tears,
    Praying with hope,

    I will be there.

    Author's Notes/Comments: 

    A poem about a man whose wife has cancer.

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