boring life

Into the Grey

Might as well be at work;

because here its all the same:


I take no pleasure in anything

anymore; been there done that;


existence feels pretty much meaningless

and the people in it  are like paper mache


There is so such thing as fun anymore;

all is grey


My life fading away

but I don't really care


because there is nothing

left here that can make me happy


I already got one foot in the grave



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Loving life got boring

Random Poems

i love my self cuz lovein life aint as fun -- i had enough so im sayin that im done -- but i'll marry her jus to get it over with -- & jus to say i had the the balls to hit da shit ; cuz we all kno life aint no pretty bitch -- so wen lifes takes a dump on me i smoke da green shit -- later on im sueing life -- cuz we both kno she aint worth da hyped -- sueing her for emotional distress -- cuz jus like every other girl i poped her cherry tree & left -- but i still wear her ring on my middle finger -- cuz every now & then i like to fuck with her -- aint ashamed to say i almost fell in love -- but wen it came close i washed her off like dat dove -- but i aint never fly away -- ur boy stay bacc to eat another day -- but dis time around i come bacc as prey -- to eat life up -- with some soda n sum lays -- cuz dat bitch is fucckn fat -- n no stress in mind -- i take life on da road -- life is my snack & i eat on da go


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