The Elephant

Between the lush green thick walled vegetation
And the tall pillars dotting round the forest
The murmuring movement of the protesting shrubs
Telegraphs the alarming arriving practical steps of an elephant

His entrance threatened the peace of the forest
The wind froze and his breath seized the air
Jelly shaking leaves perceived the smell of danger
As they prostrated to lick the soil in grievance

No friendly stare in the boiling hostile condition
The uncertain prey feared to move a muscle
That fearless hunter- the pride of his town
Became the hunted as he feared for his hungry flesh

In a twinkle, a tremor snaps the still roots
As the squirrel couple darts; forgetting their union
And to the hunter, home failed not to be cherished
As he caught the glimpse of his living ancestors

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The dolphins and the Shark

The dolphins and the Shark
There was a school of dolphins in the sea, all of them were happy and related to each other. They lived in harmony with the whales, grampus and seals, and had all the fishes they wanted to eat. However, one day the Shark came, he was gray, fast and mortal, a beast that nobody have never seen before. He devoured the small and big fishes in the sea and then dolphins and seals became his prey.
The seals lived in the surface far from the Shark, but when they wanted to eat they went alone to the water. Sooner than later, one by one seals sank on the Shark’s jaws until there weren’t more seals in the sea. The dolphins, which lived in the water and always had to go at surface for breathing, were the most intelligent; they realized that seals fell because they were lonely. They did a council in which the chief decided that everyone had to go for food or air in groups of four or five bodies.
One day the Shark attacked a dolphin a little far from the group, the other three dolphins came to help him, they fought, dodged and beat against the Shark, he ended so tired and confused that left one wounded dolphin and other three only with a few scratches. The dolphins went back to home and told others the incident. Everybody was celebrating the success with a great party, but the chief , a wise one, came and speaks up: What do you celebrate, dolphins? There is no proud in their negligence! You have to be more careful and aware of the danger you face, this time ended well but the next time no one knows.
Animated by this win, the previous three decide to kill the Shark. Hiding from the old chief they organized a big group. A group of twenty dolphins leave the haven to search the Shark in the deepness of water. They went to the place where fishes were afraid of. At the place they surrounded it and searched for the Shark, but didn’t find anything more that fish’s bones.
In their return, they find the others crying because in their absent the shark had come and attack the school. The wounded dolphin from the fight, who can’t swim fast, was killed by the Shark and the other were too surprised for doing anything. When they saw what had happen, it was too late and the shark was leaving the place with his pray.
After that, the group of twenty demanded revenge, but the old chief spoke again: Didn’t you learn anything from this? Your recklessness left the school unprotected and left the nature order to flow. If you had been here this could be prevented. But you were too much blind by your false victory!
In that moment the dolphins understand the chief’s word and organized a greater council than the last, in which all dolphin participated. They set round keepers and chasing groups. The kids were specially kept and every dolphin had their role. Only in this way they get to shield and look the good for each other. It was the intelligent and the join that they always had, what let them live and reside the seas until now.

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The Banquet

The Banquet
Written By:
Andrea García and Andres Cruz

Once upon a time there was a mouse named Mike who lived just beside a restaurant with his brother Pablo. Mike was so excited that his brother’s birthday was coming up that he decided to give him a big surprise party by preparing a huge banquet. He started gathering food a whole month before his brother’s birthday arrived there was enough for the whole world. He was going to invite all the animals. Mike spent many time getting everything ready for the party. Finally the day arrived, Pablo went to work on the morning and meanwhile Mike went on a walk with his friend Petunia the rabbit to finish the last details for the night, she was helping him buy flowers, balloons and decorations. That night animals started to arrive to the huge celebration. The dogs, the rabbits, and the birds… everyone was there except for the lions that apparently were running late. Pablo arrived and he was so happy and surprised, they were all having a great time until the lions showed up. By the way they opened the door everyone knew something wrong was about to happen. They started by destroying the decorations and they ate all the food but they were still hungry. They complained there was not enough food for them, that they wanted more. Mike got very nervous and didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden, one lion got very angry, he grabbed Mike by the tail and ate him. All the animals were struck by what had happened; they had never seen an animal eat another. They were all scared and tried to run away, but it was useless. The lions were all around the animals. There was a huge mess. After 2 hours of lions eating the other helpless animals, there was no one left, but them. That’s when they realized they had nothing left, no food and no friends. They got very desperate just by the thought of this. They started fighting because they knew their meat was the only thing left to survive. The days passed, and the hunger was growing. Until one day, they couldn’t resist the hunger, they knew this was going to happen at some time, they got into a fight for their own meat. Their fight ended 5 days after, on a huge massacre, which left only 1 lion alive in the whole world. This lion felt sick at the view he had. He could see all of what remained from his dead friends at his feet. He was alone in the world, no one to talk to, no one to share anything with, no one to be with. He was like that for a week, feeling lonely and sad. He got sick and no one could take care of him. Until some days later he simply died from sadness.

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Wile E. Coyote

My name is Wile E. Coyote and I fall off cliffs.
Some consider it misfortune, the Road Runner considers it a gift.
Those damn Acme products never work.
When they backfire, I look like a jerk.
I'm getting sick and tired off always suffering bodily harm.
If I wasn't a cartoon character, I would've bought the farm.
People find my antics amusing but I don't think it's funny.
Why could I only talk when I starred with Bugs Bunny?
If I live to be thirty, I'll never chase the Road Runner again.
My broken bones have convinced me to become a vegetarian.

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I stand in awe

As I watch the trees

Sway to and fro


Branches crack and fall

As is in the leaves

Elves were playing tag


The squirrels jump and run

Playing peek-a-boo with me

And all their furry friends


The birds sing their chirpy tunes

Hidden within broad leaf trees

Keeping the forest cheery


Fascinated by its inspiring beauty

I leave nothing behind but the trees

And take only my pictures with me


Hoping against all hope

Someone else’s eyes were pleased

So they do as I do leave and take nothing but leave everything



Written on

April 15, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written during a time when I was camping with my family. I was entirely in awe of everything I saw, so I wrote this.

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The word CAT should stand for cute and terrific.
They are wonderful animals and I'm being specific.
When you have the love of a pet, it's a great reward.
But when they die, it's like being cut by a sword.
Cats are so precious and I love their soft fur.
It always pleases me when I hear them purr.
They are adorable and dogs are pretty great too.
As you stroke your pet's fur, remember that he or she loves you.

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