I 'see' my 'Beloved' 
The Lord God of all worlds 
Here, there, everywhere. 

Moses the Prophet 
Went to Mount Sinai for Him 
Just to behold Him. 

We are but mortals 
Tainted with the stains of sin 
Our eyes are blinded. 

Only with a pure heart 
And an undying longing 
Muhammad* 'saw' Him. 

On the 'Nightly Journey'* 
It was God, Who, out of love,  
Chose the Ascension.*  

Make Allah your love, 
And all veils will be lifted, 
You too will 'see' Him. 

The One God is Light 
Of the heavens and the earth 
The most perfect Light. 

We can't see the sun 
We cannot see the wind too 
Yet both do exist. 

The truth is vivid 
See God in His creation 
And learn to know Him. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*The Nightly Journey & The Ascension: As mentioned in the Glorious and Wise Qur'an, Allah (The God Almighty) blessed His beloved Last Messenger and Prophet, Muhammad (May Allah's Salutations and Blessings be upon him) and blessed him with His Majestic Presence. The account is known as "Al Isra Wal Mairaj" in Arabic which means "The Nightly Journey & The Ascension" and is described in the 18th Chapter of The Noble and Holy Scripture of The God Most High. 

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