Just a poem about when we must leave our loved ones.

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Im alive,

In a different way,

Tell them for me,

Show them...

On the breeze, in a cool stream,

In my daughter's smile,

shining In her eyes,

In the touch of my bride,

I find comfort there,

She was a window thru which the world to me was known...

My adventure...

I am still here, longing,

Hoping i am a loving memory

What a gift one moment would be,

Close by her, my love,

In the night dreaming, of the morning to come

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Perspective Of The Dead

I read this poem and think of my daughter who died at age 42 of cancer. It is nice to see her in the love she left behind, and indulgent to think the essence of her is present in memories. Excellent write - slc




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Nice article, but i already

Nice article, but i already seen it there