Always living in fear!

Always living in fear!

Some people are born happy with not one ounce of strife

And then there is me with my nightmare of a life

I was born to loving parents so that was very clear

But I’m tired of the hurt and always living in fear

It started when I was ten and felt there was no hope

 The evil that I went thru led me to down a slippery slope

And the bullying in school made me want to end it all

So cruel is this world I still feel like a marionette doll

Events in my life were pulling my strings year after year

But I’m tired of the heartache of always living in fear

I got married to a monster that promised me true love

But that turned into a nightmare to which I was so sick of

From there life’s felt like a burden and I cried a river of my tears

Still I keep on moving on with a hope I will stop living in fear


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is another of the fear inside me that I'm still working on!

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Me too

Fear is a tough one. I too battle so hard with it. Recollections of the sensation root back to childhood for sure. On some level I had forgotten or burried the ridicule. I remember kids being mean and embarassing me. But I have mostly blocked the incidents. I hadn't really thought to dig into that part of my psyche to attempt a self healing. Hmmm. Perhaps that would help.


It sure is quite a journey to pull out of the kind of thinking that leads us to our depression. Your work got me thinking a bit. I got sooo much work to keep doing. Gotta clear the blocks that are blocking it up. 

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yes it sure is quite hard to

yes it sure is quite hard to just do something as simple as putting one foot in front of the other, and its a life time battle to just keep going but we can do it, zoeycup16

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It's healthy to confront

It's healthy to confront fear.  We are all afraid sometimes.  This will help make you stronger.

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absolutely it has made me a

absolutely it has made me a bit stronger, im a work in progress and im determined to get back to where i was and not let my past define me, hard work thou!!! zoeycup16