Miss your smiles



                              miss your smiles                              


you both were the lite of my life and i chrished every moment to start 

your love matched your compassionate and oh so  gentle caring heart

and i think I would give up all I holds dear and walk a thousand miles 

just to see your shining smile light up the room god I do miss your smile 

you made me see the beauty in life just by being you and giving me your love

sometimes i can feel the vsadness in my soul when think about you in heaven above

and sometimes i feel  pride in my heart when i tell storys about both of you

but mostly I know that i was the luckiest daughter in the world smiling all the while

and how I wish incould talk to you once more to tell you that i miss your smile 

your smile and joy went a long way in making me feel like a happy and blessed daughter

and the memories of you both I will  hold close to myself that will always matter

 to see you again would mean more joy then i have ever felt and will never go out of style

but as I looks up to the heavens above i whisper i love you both and i sure do miss your smiles.

           Zoey cup

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one for my parents who are in heaven above I sure do miss them!!!

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a beautiful tribute,i know he

a beautiful tribute,i know he is proud

ron parrish

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A beautiful tribute

Thank you I know he always was proud of me and I sure do miss him so much and will be glad when I see him again thanks for reminding me of that

        Zoey cup

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my pleasure

my pleasure

ron parrish