Black Hole

No where to go

No where to run

You look around

You're not the only one

Who got caught in this trap

Got caught in this game

Now no one cares

They forgot your name

Welcome to the Black Hole

Enjoy your stay

There's no charge needed

Except your soul to pay

Welcome to the Black Hole

Enjoy your ride

No place for you to run

No where for you to hide

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was going to make this a song, but it seemed like a good introduction to hell.

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Netta Jack's picture

Boy does this sound familiar. Thank you for putting it into words in such a lovely and flowetic way.

Tim Derr's picture

Hello. Powerful images rise out of the spaces between the words in this. It has a quality of emptiness that seems to emanate rather than radiate.
That is makes you feel woefully lost, is a given.
I would think it would do werll, adapted to a rapacious backbeat, that seems to pound like a heart in desperation and a mind adrift in the lost.
This is actually a very compelling write, when the imapct of its mesage is absorbed. ~Tim

Paige Boling's picture

You rock IBURSweetEmoGirl

jasbir's picture

Good poem! But life itself is a black hole, isn't it, with problems that have no solutions.