Hatred Boiling the Blood in My Veins

Every bullshit are like fires,
They hit me like a flamethrower.
Hatred grows like bubbles in a bath,
They grow bigger and bigger until they pop.

But, the fires burns on my skin so much.
My blood boils hotter until bloody bubbles are what's left of me.
All my anger and hatred filled up,
My veins are about to break and spill the blood everywhere.

It hurts so damn much...
I don't want to end up looking like Carrie
A filthy, bloodied woman just filled with hatred.
But, the pain just won't end from the fires...

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HisWithNoDoubt's picture

Dude I watched Carrie. That

Dude I watched Carrie. That movie isn't the life changing movie everyone says it to be. To be honest, I love horror/suspense/whatever u wanna call them and that one Jus creeped me out a lil.

MissSaigon's picture


Lol, that movie creeped me out too :P But, I kinda like to reference weird stuff haha.

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Me to! I think the worst part

Me to! I think the worst part of the movie was when the psycho mom said boons were caused by sluttiness.

MissSaigon's picture

Oh god.

Oh my god, I think the part that scared me the most was during the prom scene.

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That was Jus weird. I was

That was Jus weird. I was like da fuck?!

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Lmao, that was my first reaction xD