Your Guardian Angel

Here I lie,

About to die,

I make my last promise to you,

I will make sure it stays true,

Because you are the one I love,

I will wait for you above.

I'll be a guardian angel for you,

Until your death is cursed on you.

But I'll be standing at that gate,

Nothing else is that great.

But until that day comes,

I'll wait with my heart beating like a drum,

I'll protect you from the things you'll regrett,

But me I hope you won't soon forget.

I know you can feel me inside,

Sharing with you this wild ride,

You will soon realize you love me too,

Because even through death I still help you,

And forever I shall always be with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

he broke my heart...but i still love him...n i still want 2 b w/ him 4 eternity

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