The Letter { a religous poem }

The Letter

Dear lord i`m writing a letter to you

it`s on tear stained paper,so i`ll read it to you.

It`s about someone who loved you so

it`s about my mother lord,she had to go

but i can remember how she used to pray

And how she would tell us all

that she would be with you someday

we`ll lord i guess that day has come

but i know we will all be together again someday.

For that`s what my momma used to say

so lord tell her that i love her so

i didnt get a chance before she had to go

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poetvg's picture

worth the reading

honey811's picture

That was touching to the heart. You can always tell your mom that you love her, she never left your heart. I understand this feeling, I lost my sister and never got to say good-bye.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

wow bittersweet beautiful to reach mom, bittersweet from missing and unable to take back not telling her you loved her before she went. It touches the heart very deeply. Then again ,you are the word man.........