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I run as the helicopter noise dies away into the distance. I just got out of a fort claiming the second to last piece to the temple key.  As I run the sound of silence closes in around me making me paranoid someone is watching me. I get about a mile out before I can't run anymore so I sit by a rock looking at my map and compass. My friend said she would meet me at the next spot. The next spot was a few miles out west. I start my walk as I do the sound of silence disappears as crickets and frogs fill the air with sound. It was about 6am when I got to the final location on the map. 

"Wow, I walked for 4 hours..." I huffed and looked around my friend where she said she would meet me. I saw this cave opening and turned on my flashlight to see into it. All I saw we a deep hole that went up a little and straight down into a bottomless pit. Next to the pit was a little sleeping bag, so I walked over to it to check it out. A campfire set next to it and looked fresh like someone just put it out. I looked at the sleeping bag seeing a note on it and read it.

"I'm off to find the last piece, understanding that you (Chris) are reading this and aren't dead. If you are then I'm writing this for no reason. Anyways I'm off to look for the final piece, bet you I can find it first!

-Jess." As I read this I knew she meant to make this a little challenge. I laughed and went over to the pit. A rope hung from a rock and went straight down. I tried using my flashlight to look down the pit but not even the light could go all the way down. 

"Well, I'm going to have to do it or look like a coward... Hell! I was almost killed! This shouldn't scare me!" I'd yell to myself giving myself the confidence to grab the rope and start my descent down holding my flashlight to hopefully see ground soon. It felt like an hour climbing down but when I hit the moist mud and rock ground I noticed it was only a 10-minute descent. I flashed the flashlight around to see my surroundings. It was just a small cave with three different ways to go. I looked at the ground to see any footsteps. I saw the footsteps lead to the last cave opening so being me I decide to go through the first cave opening. 

"This place is huge." I thought in my head looking at the winding paths. I decided to turn around and go back, but after taking a few turns I thought were going to take me back, I noticed I was lost. I held my breath trying to go crazy and hit things. So I kept walking straight and told myself to go straight till I hit something. I walked and walked, looking at my watch to see time just fly by. I sat down and thought I was never going to get out. I shouted a few times but thought it was useless because the cave just captured my yelling and stopped all sound. I fell asleep sitting there which wasn't the smartest thing but something shook me. I stood up in a fighting stance thinking I was being attacked. 

"Hey hey! It's me!" I heard the voice yelling at me. I stood there focusing my eyesight because of the dark cave. I noticed it was Jess!

"J-Jess?!" I looked at her and gave her one of the biggest hugs I think I have ever given. "Where did you come from?" I asked still sorta dazed from standing up so quickly.

"I came from the exit." She said and I looked back at her with the face pretty much asking "how?" She showed me a string.

"Don't you know how to adventure Chris? This is like rule one when jumping into a cave." I was still confused, I asked her how I didn't see it when I came in, but I guess she started it a little bit more into the cave.

"Also! Look what I got!" She had the happiest grin when she dug through her backpack and showed me the last part of the key. I was so happy she found it I didn't even care that she gloated about finding it first. I just wanted to get out of this dark cave. After we got out of the cave we got the with rest of the group that was looking for keys. Everyone had a piece. We headed to the temple the very next day to see if the key would work. 

Luckily it did! When the key was put together and put into the door of the temple the huge doors opened. 

"Wow..." Everyone said in awe. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love cliff hangers... hehe ;)

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