Just a illusion

Never to be understood

Fast or slow

Long or short

Never knowing

Timing could not be worse

Too short

Never lasts long

By the blink of an eye

Past or Future

Seconds and minutes

Hours and days

weeks and months

years and centuries

All life holds to it



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Time is going by so fast for me! but others say its going slow. Things go by so fast or slow understanding it can be tough, and big thanks to Whispers_From_The_Mind! So go check her work out too! :)

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i really liked the way you

i really liked the way you structured this.... it feels very fast paced.... as if the rapidity of time is manifesting itself in your work.... or at least that's just my take on it... quite excellent... especially considering the concept of time escaping us is a mature thought that most people at a similar age... don't seem to grasp... an applause to you and your poem ^_^

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its a great poem now. your very welcome for the help. and thanks for helping me out 

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here's some help


just an illusion

never to be understood

fast or slow

long or short

never knowing 

too short 

never lasts long

timing could not be so wrong

for it sometimes goes too fast 

and before you know it 

things are of the past



hope you like it so far and i hope this helps you to add more to it 



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very good

this was good but maybe add a little bit more to it to be great. you started it off good but it doesnt seem to be done. i feel there could be more.