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Young Man

The young man joins this world.

Not knowing who he is;

Or where he came from.

His dad is the ubermensch,

Who cannot be defeated,

And will not be destroyed.

The young man thrives.

After all,

Does not this world,

Belong to him.




Just a illusion

Never to be understood

Fast or slow

Long or short

Never knowing

Timing could not be worse

Too short

Never lasts long

By the blink of an eye

Past or Future

Seconds and minutes

Hours and days

weeks and months

years and centuries

All life holds to it



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Time is going by so fast for me! but others say its going slow. Things go by so fast or slow understanding it can be tough, and big thanks to Whispers_From_The_Mind! So go check her work out too! :)

Smile For Me

Bright Poetry

Life's pedigree is a little vindictive please make a decision.
Smile for me and everyone around you.
Your a down to earth person and it's not worth it.
To forever hold burdens of you being around.
Who cares what they say anyway God made you the way he wanted you.
Now my men and women smile for me and for yourself.
Apply yourself to love yourself to provide the wealth of social health.
Just forever follow those steps.
To make life better and someone judge you say whatever.
Now one more time smile for me...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just smile....

Weigh Down


You're always there are slowly killing me

I try to hide from you so no one can see

I wish that you could just leave

You're making it harder for me to breathe

I can't think straight when you're over me hovering

These clothes aren't big enough for a covering

You make me neglect my family, hate my friends

You make me never want to be seen again

I hate myself when you're here

You just make me want to disappear

My eyes don't light up. My smile's not intact

I'm not really sure if I'll ever go back

Now it's time for me to live for myself, not you

So I'm finally ready for a change, I'm through

I will succeed and I will pass

I will achieve this important task

I'll live up to what I say

And I'll try to change today