*That Day*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Meeting you that day was Gods way

In telling me not to give up just yet 

Even though I can't put into words on what I want to say

God has our lives for us already set

So if it is meant to be 

God will let us know

He'll let us see

He'll let us show

But these feelings within

It may be new

But it happened for a reason

God made my skies again blue

And I pray in the future your heart I capture I win

That day that we met

That day that our eyes came together

My mind was set

You going to be mine

And that day once again your heart hopefully shine


With joy with happiness

With laughter with greatness

With love with passion

With a friendship that will never end 

And I promise to try not to go out of fashion

I promise to try to be there

To wipe away the tear when you cry

I promise to you to your heart

To always care

And whenever you have a broken heart

I'll try to patch it back together 

I'll try to make it feel better


I pray to god to make that last forever

We met for a reason that day

WhenI seen you sweety I thought "Damn he's hot!" 

I wanted to know more

And once we held eachother I'd hit the spot

In your heart

And something new we'd slowly but surely start

To this day that smile

I will forever adore

I just pray I can keep you for a long while

A little bit longer A little bit more


I really love the way you kiss

With so much compassion you put your arms around me

And hold me so tight

When I'm in your arms I'm in heavens bliss

I miss you in my eyes view my eyes sight 

You touch,smile,everything about you I really do miss

My feelings are not a lie

Then I can no longer fight

I'm just going to let them go free

And see what happens

See if you feel the same way as me 

At night I'm constantly thinking of you 


Wanting you right by my side

There is one thing I ask of 

From me your feelings don't hide

And if we ever get into a fight never push and shove

I'll promise not to hurt your pride

You just wait and see I really do think we're meant to be 

I'm here and was brought here to once again help you feel

I'm here to help you, your heart to heal


Your touch and kisses everything I want more

When I first seen your gorgeous self

My jaw nearly hit the floor

And I thought maybe I don't have to keep my heart

On that old dirty shelf

It doesn't have to stay in pieces all apart

The things I say or do I pray I don't scare you 

That's not what I want

It's not what I'm trying to do 

I want to be your lady

Me I want you to show off to flaunt

But not to shadey


Whenever you enter my daily thought

I get a smile upon my face

And then I thank God above

That you make my body tinglely,warm,and make my heart race

And for giving me another chance

To see that my life is worth it to live

I thank him so much 

Because I think I found someone I can truely learn to love 

And I'm happy....To you, My heart I give

And I can be greatful to have your company

And your inner self I will love more of 


Your warm embrace

Your shine in your eyes

Your smiling face

I would do anything go anywhere 

To always care forever share

Just to see you again

I never had a sweet dream come true

Untill God let me find you 

I never found words to say

Untill that wonderful day

It's true you're the one I think about in every single way


No matter where life takes us love

Apart of me will always be apart of you

I would never believe that going to a place

Would have such meaning 

I'm glad everynight I say a bedtime grace

It's real and precious

Hearts running at a fast pace

That warm feeling

God made me see

When I met you that special day

For "us" sweety everynight

I will always pray

Our love will reach the greatest height

And all I have to say

I fell so in love with you that day



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