*God Sent Me An Angel From Underneath His Wing*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

When darkness comes to sea 
There's light to save my soul 
God sent me an angel to be 
With a message untold 
To protect whats left of my heart 
And close to her my life she will hold 
To keep my life from falling apart

An angel so magical and so deep 
So very bright 
Up so high flying above so many feet 
I've never seen such a beautiful sight

Gods creation he sent to me 
To protect my soul my inner being 
From all evil this angel from my presence 
She will keep me safe and free 
She will help me keep my innocence 
My life she will give it a meaning

God sent me an angel 
From underneath his very own wing 
To guide me through thick and thin 
To show me the difference between bad and good 
A love my angel will always bring 
Forever and always next to me she stood 
Knowing she'll always be there 
Makes me strong enough for any situation to win 
Because my angel will always care


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