*The Fight*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

I wish i was stronger 
But no matter how hard i try 
My wish list to not igsist just gets longer 
And more and more I'm left alone to cry 
In the late hours of the night 
Deep inside no one sees this pain 
That i try so hard to fight 
The only way to go on is to fill my eyes 
With theses salty tears 
But all i really gain 
A blurred vision when i look to the light

Can God not see 
I'm so tired and sick of feeling so alone 
I guess not because he just lets me be 
And as each day my heart becomes more stone 
More hollow inside 
This path of pain i am meant to follow 
From it i can not hide 
And deeper i go into this evil shadow 
Because no man shows they care 
I just do not want to feel anymore 
I have no strength to fight 
The demons that drag me to the floor 
The pain and hurt inside my heart they try to store

Its trying so hard to make me die 
And some days i wish i would 
I no longer want to try 
Yes i know i still should 
But everyday a piece of me disappears 
And is gone forever 
I try to scream out help to someone 
But it seems like no one hears 
And the light is fading from the sun 
This evil has put a spell on peoples ears 
So no one hears my helping plea 
This evil has made people blind 
So no one can see 
Me try to fight as i try to find 
A way to stop these wounds 
So they no longer bleed 
But the evil tries so hard to make me fail 
On my pain he loves to feed 
I am becoming to week to go on way to pale

But no one will help me with the fight 
So i should just give up and die 
Just disappear fade out of sight 
As i sit alone and powerless 
As i cry 
My soul drifts away 
From my body it once knew 
No longer fighting another day 
My days are bitter darkness 
No longer a happy clear blue sky 
My life's such a mess 
I gave up i try no longer to live 
This evil My soul i give 
I just sit in emptiness 
I wait to die 
I sit and watch my life pass me 
As i hear my last word spoken 
Its loud and clear 
I'm not in any fear 
I'm fine as i can be 
To say good-bye 
The evil keeps my pain as a token 
And i no longer know the word or meaning of Fight.


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