*Meant To Be*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

We go through life looking for that special one
We go through relationships that end in a broken heart
We think we cant go on with our life
And our chest feels like a ton
And we feel like we're falling apart
And the only way to end this pain is with a knife

But then fate comes along
Brings reality in check
And god allows us to make everything right that went totally wrong
An angel arranged it and you I met


I just ask of God to let this one last
To keep this feeling real
And to let me finally have a blast
And to always allow me to cherish this feel


You are the one who really does care 
You are the one who can take away the pain
You're the one who wants to share 
Who doesn't treat me like a game 


You see me for a person who is more
You don't think I put your ego to shame 
And that's what i thank you for 
And deep down inside I really think we're meant to be 
And that's why you I truly adore



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Meant To Be

A lovely poem I'll say a prayer for you, that you will never again be blue. I'll pray that this is true love, sent from Heaven above. And if you stay together or if you part, I pray for am Angel to guard your heart, so hold your head up and not down for on your head there sits a crown and if you don't go astray, then your

guardian will show you the way.



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a beautiful poem of love

a beautiful poem of love

ron parrish