Playing the horse, playing the rider
(I'm good at both).
Please play with me
(Dance with me).

No one.
How do you play 'horse and rider', alone?

A reporter needs someone to interview.
A reporter needs a reader too.

The need for imaginary friends grows,
But I'm straddling the line, because
Incarnation is our chance ---
Chance to make an effect.
Afflicted, Cursed must I be,
No effect, no road opens up.
Hell...no road even beckons!

Maybe student days are still here,
The time not being ripe.
Maybe I'm digging towards deeper meaning and purpose.
Maybe I'm just inches away --- or ---
---Maybe I'll keep digging to China.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What I think about when loneliness strikes.

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saiom's picture

God's playmate

The first 2 words in the poem... newly minted.. and beautiful

When you have been given highly unusual powers of endurance, tenacity,
concentration.. it is not surprising that few can stay the courses with you

Perhaps it was God's way of making you His playmate