Gifts with no names.

One of them could have been yours.

Each one, carefully picked...

Colorfully wrapped in green,


and gold.

Arranged beneath my tree;

their shiney paper reflecting the glow from

my candle lite room,

with hope in my heart I await,

for friends or family to drop by.

Candies, cookies, Smidgens & fudge

adorn my table, longing to be shared.

Their delicate sweetness waiting to be savored

by my anticipated visitors this Eve.

Perhaps, even a stranger,

a passerby; who has lost their way on this cold snowy Eve.






Wrappings still shimmer under waning candles.

What does it matter?...

Nobody knew.

If they did, then I know they would have come!

At least, for a moment.

Time fitting proper enough, for them to claim their gift

and delight over the goodies set before them.

Just enough time, to still their conscious before bidding

a quick farewell, there's things to do, an awkward hug.

And out the door.

No, none of them received their gifts this night.

Neither did I.

An unexpected vist.

A warm heartfelt greeting.

A smile of innocense,

which would hold no expectation.

Perhaps I want too much.

What does it matter?

Nobody knew.

I could store away the gifts

and freeze the goodies.

I could,...

but I won't.

These gifts were meant to be given,

to the ones I love most.

What does it matter?

They'll never know.

So, instead I'll load them upon a sled,

blow out my candles which are nearly dead,

bundle myself for a midnight walk.

Dropping these gifts at the door stoops

of those who live along my street.

People, I know least yet;

have taken time to bid me "good-day",

many times during the year past.

People who have just dropped by,


Some even left food baskets,

or fragrant candles.

I know not who left those treasures at my door.

So, I pray that tonight, God guides me rightly

as to leave these gifts at their doorways.

Gifts, with no names.

It doesn't matter.

I know they will wonder in awe.

If I hurry, I can be home on time to meet

Humphrey Bogart.

He says he'd like to take me to Casablanca

this Christmas.

That we'll travel First Class, television.

I think I'll go.

Do you think anyone would mind?

Does it matter?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not what I expected.

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Starward's picture

Reading this stirred up some

Reading this stirred up some incredibly intense emotions.  This is a beautiful, moving, and profoundly meaningful poem.  I am very glad my random browsing brought me here today.


vjochum's picture

Thank you

I am glad you enjoyed it.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Anony Moose's picture

Dear V,

Since you are a Christian and your poems reflect
your love of Christ, please check out

The phrase 'whited sepulchre' of the Bible
is in Greek sarcophagi.. (sarx flesh phagi eater)

saiom's picture

Dear V, Your beautiful parable of tree lights
reflected in tree paper.. made me think of this poem

Passersby Received Strange Cheer

It was July..
needles had fallen to the floor
from his Christmas tree..
it was festooned with spiders..
but the lights still
blinked on and off
in his evening windows..
and to passersby
gave a strange cheer

As above his unkempt clothes
And beneath his kindest eyes
his smile.. an effortless
act of universal cheer..
was enough to enkindle
the fires of hope
in a lonely passerby.

(to unusually sensitive, conscious, kind John Scott Wegener)
(May the deforesting practice of Christmas trees inside
be replaced with the decoration of those on the lawn..
or the use of nondead trees)

© S N Shriver


Danielle Edwards's picture

I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! Valerie you just keep getting better and better. Thats was gr8. Danielle

Laurie  Lane's picture

Kinda sad. For being alone at the holidays is really depressing. But I have been there and it is really sad when it seems the ones you love most aren't there with you. I enjoyed the story of this poem. Nice poem.

Michelle Noel's picture

what a beautifully penned piece here. Power, pain, has it all. Im so glad I stumbled onto this one. Its just beautiful. Michelle

ladydp2000's picture

Very wonderful written poem...and all those emotions so well expressed Val...I love your like a dramatic poem in my opinion...everything flying high ...till the unexpected and nice end... Take care and I love you, Get well kid! Your friend, Dorian

Melvin Lee's picture

Ohhhh...i love the twist and plot within this poem...only u Valerie can write it so fluently..Smilesz. especially the ending...very emotionally charged. Thanxs for sharing such thoughts on such a night. Smilesz. Take care~!!!!

Walter Bjorkman's picture

Well, sure it matters! I like the spacing & technique, and of course the sentiment - and surprise, that you display. Walter