Fallen Angel

Angel wounded,

Tears of silver,

Halo falling,

Lost now.

Falling from the clouds,

Seems like forever...

Only sounds of demons laughing

And screams of tortured soul to be heard...

Landing in a fiery pit

Of lost and tortured souls.

Angel’s scars growing deeper,

As this angel fears the reaper.

Angels tears of silver start to burn,

At all that was once known now forever lost.

Demons smiling in a mocking way,

Welcoming their new recruit.

Angel no more,

Fallen from the sky.

To the underworld of sins,

So sinister they remain unspoken...

It’s a sad sight to see,

This angel could have been great

But became so filled with hate.

The fire that burned inside,

Sealed this angels own fate.

There's nothing left here now but silver tears of sorrow filled regret from the fallen angel...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem cause so many people waste away their lives with hate and in the end it only brings you down. I also wrote this poem cause it was a dream i had that made me realize it was time to let go or i'd seal my own fate just like the fallen angel. i hope you enjoyed it! ;-D

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Fallen Angel:



I enjoyed reading your poem and it is well written and a good read. Your right hate is a waste of time, even if we can't forgive all the time.




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Yes! I most certainly enjoyed

Yes! I most certainly enjoyed it.