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I don't like small talk, it's never been one of my strong points. If I want to say something I say it, because what's the point of wasting time on useless topics? If I'm aware of where I stand and what I want, why beat around the bush? I'm talking exactly about this moment, this presentation to you guys. This is a message from my past self, sitting at the comfort of my house and watching the sun go down. I'm saying what I want to say at this moment, and right now, I don't care what you might think. I'm just giving you a ticket into my train of thought. I usually try to be as dierct as I can, but some people can get offended or use that information against you. When you play with all your cards on the table, you can become others' victim. And that's fine, it's something I've managed to deal with after some years of experience. But still, doesn't matter what I am or whom I think I am, I never give someone the whole picture. I can't. Nobody can. We don't even know ourselves completely, what makes you think someone else can? And what's even worse, some people tend to pretend to be someone else. I hate hypocrites, eventhough I know how to be one myself. Ocatavio Paz says that we mexicans, as a culture, in order to defend ourselves, put a mask to hide our true selfs from the rest of the world. And usually that mask is someone that we'd like to be with characteristics we admire. After a while of using it, the mask becomes such a big part of ourselves that we can't separate them anymore. And so the mask becomes you and you become the mask. And I include myself, I think of myself as just one more person trying to take advantage of the situations I'm in. I'm not more special than any of you guys. I try to remember that I can learn something from everyone, eventhough I don't always manage to. Something I've learned through all these years is that people usually don't speak the truth, but they always speak with reason. If you manage to not look at the words and truly grasp the meaning behind them, you're one step ahead in this illusion's game. Everyone can lie, but if they lie it's because they have a reason to. Perhaps everything I've told you up until this point is a lie and you'll never find out the truth. But what you should be thinking about, the real question is, why am I lying to you? 

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These are just some thoughts I had a few days ago, hope some of you can relate

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All cultures are dualtities here, home ground and social "face". Not hiding, learning to self actuate and be you everywhere. Originality is that merged self expression, just be you  And celebrate your uniqueness all the time. I'm black - being me works for me. ~ Lady A ~ (a name I hide behind here :D)