The Employee



Hard day at work time for the weekend to relax

Overworked doing difficult task to be rewarded

Just to stand out to impress the higher power


inorder to gain reputation strained and agitated

Wait to complete a year to earn benefits with vacation

Don't ask questions remain silent do as your told slave


Obnoxious co-workers that mean mug for no reason

Provoke you to react to get writting up for assault

Because everyday is a bad so lets start shit 4 kicks


Walk into the storage room witness theft in progress

Afraid to confront the assailant eyes closed oblivious

Having doubts that you might be blamed 4 the act


Nothings the same feeling miserable when you clock in

Trying your best to stay positive at all times just to perform

Your shift starts at 7AM be on time or lose your spot the employee





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Straight Jacket Job

On time, looking professional,

no thanks for tasks numbering

in the hundreds per hour. No

pedigree, no wealthy family

to flaunt in the lunch room,

unable to contribute to coffee

fund and work half asleep.


The first year brings two weeks

vacation or four days depending

on your worth to human adjudicators

with no resouces. In preparation

for the holiday bonus, a ham,

a turkey, you get a twenty

dollar gift card, condesension,

and still no thanks for all

your hard work.


Lady A