Wish I were a hobo

With no where to run

Nothing to run from

Please only yourself

No worries of wealth

Walk down to the beach

Warm grainy sand on your feet

Alone on the bench

Distant look in your eyes

Known one knows your thoughts

You know you’re deprived

Wish I were a hobo

Living on a beach

Sun soaks on your back

Breeze across your face

No worries, just cares

No regrets, freedom

No sorrow, love

I wish I were a hobo

Watch the cold world turn

Not a thing to yearn

With my knowing eyes

And my smirking grin

I wish I were a hobo

So that when I die

They would find writings

Of all the ‘normal’ people that walked by.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

:) I like this one.

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RainDreams's picture

i really like this one. most people think of being a hobo as something negative, yet you see the postive aspects of it.