Last Minefield!

Ugonna Wachuku



Another new dawn.
Hope unbound.
Early morning dews
and wet leaves
embrace me on my
glad way to the farm
on ancestral lands of
home and upliftment. 


This new day, life
is born anew in my
being. Whistling
pines and singing
birds herald my
journey to the


Through the calm,
village bush path, I
make my way carrying
my hoe, mattock and
machete for a hopeful
day at the farm.


I view welcoming palm
trees and luring palm
fruits and cocoanuts
on this refreshing new
morning. I take the next




I am thrown into the
bush - way out of the
hopeful village path
Streams of blood and
pain cloud my vision.
My legs have been blown
off by a landmine on our
village bush path to the


Pain and sorrow will be
my watchword through life.
Scars unhidden will serve
as tearful reminders of
my bloody day with that
heartless landmine. Yet,
so many are dead. And
like me cannot tell
their story. But this
new day and forever,
I'll be their voice:
The world wide web
cryer unwavering!


Yet humanity moves
ahead with this
deadly weapon on
the village bush
path. Sorrow and
pain respects no
one in the fatal
bossom of these
landmines strewn
across the earth.


Let us, now, rise
with peaceful oneness
and make this mine on
my village bush path
the last landmine.
Let us rise, this new
morning, and bid goodbye
to minefields across our
beautiful blue earth.


Please, come with me,
join all women and
men of goodwill. This
new morning, let us rise
and rid our green pastures
and meadow sea shores of
landmine evil. Stand with
me - this new dawn of hope,
love and caring oneness
amongst humankind.


This new dawn, let this
be the last minefield
on our green pastures
and meadow sea shores.


This new dawn, humanity,
please, listen to my
heart-broken voice
crying through the
world wide web -
chanting: Let this
be the last


See my
of sorrow
and pain
for the


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In soulful support of landmine victims everywhere and the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL):

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Mike Subritzky's picture


IWVPA Poets Critque

This poet is an African chap (Ugonna Wachuku) who I know through poetry. He has an amazing style, although most of his poetry is about village and family.

This one has a war flavour and Tony I would like to include it on our site Ugonna won't mind I am sure.

I'll send a couple of his other works so you can get a handle on his formulation of verse, he is bloody outstanding, and one of my favourite poets.

Take note how he centred this poem and the last stanza forms a raindrop!!!


Mike Subritzky
International War Veterans Poetry Archives

Misty Lackey's picture

Words with power. Words with spoken emotion, this poem started out all smiles then turned to pain. well worth the read. would read this poem over and over again. THANK YOU !!!!

meso's picture

The poem`s melancholy mood reminds me of that sinister face of humankind.Painfull atrocities that also maim the human spirit. The poem is moving, a reminder about the importance of peace in the world.But when would man learn to listen at reason? Write on Ugonna!


serene's picture

Thanks for informing me of this new poem of yours. Such a stirring plea for all humanity to eliminate one of the evils of this world to enable every humankind to live in a peaceful and safe environment.

vjochum's picture

What can I say Ugonna? For you have said it all! You laid your heart right open here. You gave us a look into the heart of humanity. You depicted our hopes, struggles, pains,...created the stage upon which we are all now walking. Your soulful validity brought tears streaming down my cheeks for h U m a n k i n d ! ! !

gentle's picture

This is a piece that will forever be imbedded in my heart. All is said right in these lines:This new dawn, let this be the last minefield. These words are so full of hope, a prayer to the world to obliterate these evils from the path of freedom & life. The questions we ask now, is will anyone hear our cry when the bomb takes away our lives. Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Mary Charest's picture

Hi Ugonna, I am honored to be included in your list of friends. I felt indescribable emotions as I read your poem. It really touched a place in my heart. I wish we could rid the world of horrors such as these. Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if there was only LOVE? We can only pray. I'm sure you know, "A tiny ripple becomes a wave." Take care, my friend. Mary

Mona Omar's picture

dear ugonna your poem has sincere emotion and hope for peace and love on earth GOD BLESS YOU peace and love

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Ugonna, A very peaceful and mindful piece and approach! Soul-moving, and peace-loving wishes!

Helen Schmidt's picture

Ugonna, My wish is that all humankind would open their hearts to peace and understanding, consideration and respect for one another and do away with all hate and intolerance. You made such a wish with your profound plea in this marvelous poem. My heart aches for the subject of the poem whose legs are gone and whose life is changed forever. This is a heart-wrenching poem, Ugonna. So well done. Sincerely, Helen

Deborah Russell's picture

Ugonna, In sincerity, this is a mantra we should all speak with one voice. Thank you for sending me notice.

Angela Albee's picture

This was so full of awful visions of pain and true feeling as though I was there. I really liked the format and style you used as well. Very strong and powerful poem...