The past few months, of being all alone,

Have gotten me so lost, so sad, and exposed.

I am exposed to the sadness, I dwell upon myself,

But the worst of it all is my dreadful mental health.

I have become unstable, I’m melting to the bone,

And with no one here, I’m left without a home.

The emptiness inside shatters me, weighing on my shoulders,

And as each day passes I feel my heart become colder.

I have reached a point in my life, thinking nothing of myself,

I see myself as an empty box, just sitting on the shelf.

I feel like that old guitar in the corner, blinded by the dust,

Screaming and begging for someone to wash away the rust.

I want to wash away the horror, from the lies that I once told,

I want to wash away the regrets that will haunt me when I’m old.

I want to feel free; I no longer want to be left alone,

But now I have decided, I’m going to postpone.

I feel there is no more time for me; I have reached my bitter end,

Now I shall leave this place, on god I will depend.

If he feels it is right for me, I will be sent away to heaven,

And I will be relieved from this never ending struggle with depression.



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I Am Happy Today

Spring is about to rev up

birds are loud

I see grass and not

snow, people

are laughing

and coming

for Easter or

out to dinner

at restaurants

never visited



Life and all

it's possibilities

make it worth

the entire