Everyone's trying to be like everyone else,
Wasting time, getting lost in themselves.
So many issues, no one pays attention,
A tough time for working men and women.

We've got kids starving on the street,
The rich have money, but cold hearts don’t beat.
No one even makes an effort to pitch in,
Can someone tell me, what’s wrong with our society?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My second poem, please comment :)

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Um... the majority are

Um... the majority are sheep?

Yes, keep writing... good start. :)

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I Know This One

Life is a script. We were born. The rich figured it out. Strip mining. War makes money. Hate is easy. We destroyed the ozone layer. Electricity kills the earth. We live inside the Tower of Babel. We don't read. Selective deafness, and the majority are sheep - I could write a book answering that one - Lady A