Make it Easier

He looks at you and smiles

Close your eyes, blink him away

You know he means well

But you'd rather not say

How is breathing annoys you

And his Jokes aren't funny

His body concerns you

And his voice is no longer sunny. 

He's stepped over the line

That you drew with concrete 

He didn't fully get it

Now you've gotta be discrete. 

But he makes fun of you 

Like it's quite okay 

Your sensitive soul

Runs dry and decayed. 

What do you protect him from? 

The truth sets people free

But the roof over your head

Is good enough to me. 

You're scared they'll judge you

And tell secrets that bleed. 

Friends wouldn't do that, doll

They'd understand and agree

That your happiness comes first 

No matter the feelings from he

But you're chainsmoking again

As if that'll make you more loving. 

And the facts you need to share 

Are nowhere near; you see

He's a big boy hun

And you're old enough to leave. 

Make your choices firm

And your heart complete

By doing what's best for you

Keep moving those heavy feet.

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allets's picture

Leaving Prelude

"...and tell secrets that bleed..." a wondrous line this. Enjoyed the vitrolic undercurrents - well woven quiet rant :D