My poem with a popular song ending ;)

pointed to
where his heart was

 he said

you ruined me

he pointed
To where
his heart is

He said...

where it used to be

Look at all that you do to me

My baby
I want you to know that
We should break up

And go
our separate ways

And maybe
one day
we could make up
make everything ok

It may
Or may not
make sense
in the anxiousness
But I'd
get you to heaven
on a Pegasus
And give
your legs a rest
And let you
catch your breath

I know
I've made a mess 
I made you love me less
You know I'd 
 never love you less
Its just
Were In
the radius

where saints
they were
And explicit
before they
 ever sainted 
When they were illicit

In the 
upper echelon,
 in your
I held on
Like your lover
And nemesis

Your heart
may be beat

It may
Be the heaviest
My love 
may be

in wretchedness
... Maybe

 in exodus
I won't
 be your
sure wasn't
 your Genesis

More like
 your exclamation
Or the
of your jealous ness

Hey queen
Have you
ever heard a
Saint scream
All I've
is the
devil waving
And waiting
In front
of Jane praying

All of
your love
just feels
you're hating

She's addicted
to me
and to maybeline
She quit me
and said
she'd stay clean
I hand her
 my heart 
that's breaking
that your forsaking
And taking
And shaping
InTo a boy from the A - Team
Stuck in his day dream
Been that way since 18

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Last 3 lines for Ed Sheeran "A-Team"

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Say It Again

...and again, that's the way to get that heart sufficiently broken and the pair back together if the fates and the poem's length allows. The "A" Team, I can realate to that - Be well: Lady "A" (smile)