I heard you crushing diamonds, 
or Rhine stones
Are you
 breaking down my poems,
And making glory on your own?
Hope your body won't 
forsake its bones
Until God comes 
to silence all our moans
Gather the flower that's wild
And shape the father that's a child
Natural smile
But the tear that fascinates you
defiled you somehow
Love is a coward
Can't pick your heart out of a crowd
If rain could reign I'd be crowned
Don't feign the noun
Or echo in the unchained sound
Every other word rivaled what you said
The tape is going to spread
Bible by the bed
Your heart is an emotion shaped inside your head
Your prefect
The imperfect
Re word it certain
No energy left inside its circuit
Isn't it perfect
Friendship behind it's curtain
Kisses make it ok to be hurt again
My paper affair wants to murder the pen
So it won't profit from it or parrot it's skin
24karats of sin...
And now you grin

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...My paper affair wants to

...My paper affair wants to murder the pen...ah, a meaty image that for writers to be certain! - Loved it~~~A