Poetry is Dead

I had poems that had poems together. I had poems that took care of eachother. I had old poems that told poems to young poems about when poetry was young. I had young poems that listened close, and held their tongue. I had poetry in poems but I don't know where my first poem came from... If I only knew how it begun. Then maybe I could keep my poems together. You see, my poetry is falling apart. My poetry is turning into graffiti when it once was art. My poems used to love poems, now they break heart. My poems neglect poems when they should not and they disrespect thought. Poetry used to run free, now poetry is bought. I had poems that had me when we were happy to belong. Now my poems don't like poems and they don't get a long.  I'm trying to get my poetry together, but my poetry lones. Poetry was live and in flesh now poetry looks like bones. I had poems that had poems, but that's when poems sat on thrones. Poetry is dead, you see, poets gave them tombstones.

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Interesting way of writing this and I enjoyed the vernacular....

very much but as long as the core of creativity is alive ( the soul) then poetry never dies. It just may not be possible to write it anymore with say the physical hand but even someone who is in a comatose state could dream poems the way others write them out in long hand or on their web pages. I truly enjoyed the road you took with the writing of this poem but I doubt your poetry will ever be truly dead. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen............

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Thanks for the comment. The

Thanks for the comment. The "spoken word" form of this poem was just a statement. Poetry lives in all writers. I wrote it because I think poetry should inspire more poetry. I appreciate you taking the time to read. I look forward to reading your poetry.

Moncies A. Franco

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I Love Puns and Word Plays

So many adoptations...here. So many ways to look at writing and the motif of poems relating historical origins of the family is priceless. I missed the point about spoken word statements (the ending for "aaaah" value). I was too busy with the puns and plays...fell into open ended totally free form at the end, loved the "lones" and anthropomorphic injection and energy. - Lady A