Like twisting a dagger into my heart,

you continue to desecrate all that I hold dear.

Never a good word...

Never a chance at redemption.

All you did was blame...

Blame everything for your problems.

And I was your everything...

You made promises that were hollow,

as if your truth were a well,

dried up,

and nothing more than a cemetary for your broken hopes.

And this was what you gave to me...

A cemetary that not even the dead could find rest in...

Every breathe you uttered was full of corrosive hostility towards everything.

And I was your everything...

Yet you continued to confess your need...

I was what gave you life,

gave you hope,

gave you a dream.

And you hated everything for ruining the beauty that I gave you

And I...

I was your everything...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hmm... dunno why I wrote this honestly

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lovely poem .