Born to apologize


I'm so sorry I was born...

Because... I never meant to

Never meant to hurt you

Never meant to lie

Never meant to leave you

Never meant to make you cry

I'm so sorry I was born...

Because... It was my fault

My fault you broke down

My fault you left

My fault you couldn't stand

My fault you drown

Please forgive me...

Because... I couldn't help it

Couldn't help my ways

Couldn't help my words

Couldn't help my tears

Couldn't help my fears

I'm so sorry I was born...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

blah.... my poetry is fucking going downhill -_- i seriously need inpiration or something.. i suck

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Darlene Brooks's picture

Wow!This poem is really really good.I love it sooo much.I hope you can one day find the inspiration you're seeking. Still I wish you wouldn't be so hard on yourself.You truely have a gift and you should consider publishing a book of poems.You're really good.

saiom's picture

Dear Dee, all your writing is lovely and powerful

I have felt this way..

and am reminded by my friends..

not to fixate on the potholes of my life
but to go on to the goal

please keep writing