(She Series - 5) Heaven's Eye


Opening her pale blue eyes slowly, she found herself gazing up at the most curious of sights... Her dark, elegant lashes lay softly against her skin as she stared up into oblivion. As she lay there quietly, her ivory skin shown softly under the enchanting glow of the crescent moon's light. Who would have ever thought that after a hellish explosion in a void of absolution, a sky so exquisite would come to exist. The stars above shimmered light tiny fish in an endless ocean of darkness, and as each individual light twinkled in her vision, the more appealing was the thought of reaching up into the lightless emptiness to try and embrace the shining goddesses of the night... Giving a gentle sigh, her breath came out in steamy whisps, her faint exhale slowly dissipating with mother natures own breath of life as it swept past her in a caressing breeze... If only, she thought, I could grasp those beautiful eyes of Heaven in my hands...

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beautiful piece