9 Top Corporate Video Production Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid In 2019




Many businesses make mistakes when it comes to their corporate video production in Orange County. The thinking that a picture says a million words has brought a rise in this production over the past decade. Video marketing and several other productions are being utilized by organizations and businesses to reach out to lots more people.


A Cisco report estimates that in the next few years, videos will be about 95% of all web traffic. And with the International Telecommunications Unit testifying that the internet features billions of users, this is obviously a great tool you must consider using for your business. With it being a project that’s highly technical, you require a production firm to partner with you right from conceptualization up to the video launch. Here are mistakes you must avoid when working with the production firm.


Leaving scriptwriting to the production firm: You, as the client should always tell the story. Irrespective of how good the company is, never allow it to dictate your story.


Telling lopsided stories: You must focus on your audience to make sure your video content captivates them. As such, you should avoid attempting to portray a picture you are not.


Thinking video is an irritating act: Again, you have to remember that the production firm will do whatever you desire. Nevertheless, don’t leave all the leeway to it. You must be fully involved to prevent being overwhelmed and allowing others to do your work. A good video production outfit like,Twelve12 Design Studio, always involves all its clients in the production process.


Producing a video only for its sake: Once you hire a service provider, they just keep doing your bidding. As such, you will get the best out of the services only when your video features a strategic purpose that serves your business.


Poor SEO optimization: If you are using the clip online, then you must optimize it for the search engines. If you hire just ‘any’ videographer, you won’t enjoy this essential skill and your clip might never reach your target market. So, hire very wisely.


Poor production quality: Videography is a truly expensive affair and so, the quality you will get depends on the video company’s resources. This simply means you have to ensure professionalism to prevent cutting corners and such other gimmicks during pre-production.


Straight jacket thinking: After you’ve hired an expert, don’t let any ideas get shoved down your throat. Ensure that the clip being produced suits your business and personality.


Poor preparation: Not preparing well ends in poor quality videos and you have to always be present so things certainly go well.


Hiring the cheapest provider:One saying says cheap is costly. It’s best to steer clear of cheap production services and rather opt for high quality services to avoid loss of money.


There you have them. The foremost mistakes businesses make, when it comes to corporate video production Orange County. Getting highest quality videos is as easy as choosing a professional and competent provider. If it’s so, then why risk working with an unqualified provider and incurring great loses in time and money?

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If you want to know the 9 top corporate video production mistakes you can easily avoid in 2019, read this article. 

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