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Top Things To Consider When Choosing An American Video Production Agencies

Video production Orange County companies in The United States of America can help you produce attention-grabbing videos for marketing and promotion purposes. For you to get the perfect video, it is important to choose the perfect company. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right company for your business.


Set your goals and know the type of marketing videos you want

You need to spend some time and search for various types of marketing videos before you start looking for a video company. You should make a list of the best types of marketing videos that suit your needs. Keep in mind that you can use different types of marketing videos for different purposes. Do not hesitate to short-list videos of different styles. While experienced producers will work with you to come up with the right feel and look for your video production project, it is advisable to have clear goals and a vision for what you want to achieve.



There are a variety of companies in America that produce marketing videos in the market. You need to find one that is perfect for your needs. Look for a production company that can offer a dedicated producer and a strong team that will listen to your ideas and help you come up with the best video production strategy. There are high chances that you want something that is more significant than just a guy with a camera. You should therefore ensure you find a production company that can offer the best solution and guide your project to the end. Don’t just go with video production companies that claim to be the best without any evidence of previous work.


Ask for their previous work

Some companies specialize in particular types of videos whilst others have the ability to produce a wide range of videos. It will make sense to hire a company that specializes in the types of videos you want. If you think you will require videos for interviews and documentaries then you should go with a company that specializes in such videos. You need to evaluate the work of a video production company and the sample videos that you have found on the internet that you like.


Check the companies and clients that they have worked with

While you cannot judge a company’s talent by the companies and clients they have worked with, it indicates accountability and reliability if they have worked with big clients in the industry. This shows they can oversee a project from the beginning to the end and produce a high-quality video. You need to read the feedback and reviews that previous clients have provided about the company to understand how they approach video production projects.


Inquire about their video production processes

Different video production Orange County companies in America have different production processes. They should have processes that they have established to follow. You need to work with a company that has a planned process as this leads to a successful project. A tried process helps to ensure the project is completed on schedule.

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5 Top Tips On How To Utilize Video To Greatly Grow Your Business

So, you have engaged the services of a firm that offers video production in Orange County California, to create promotional videos for your firm and website. Even though the production costs have decreased, it still remains an investment. So, do you have it embedded on your site, sit back, and just hope for the best? Certainly no, you will surely want to take advantage of utilizing it as much as you can. So, this article offers five top ways to utilize your video to greatly promote your business, attract a lot more views, and bring a lot more visitors to your website.


1. How-to videos

First of all, consider whether you actually have any chance to produce a manual or how-to video which easily demonstrates your service or product. Then, you should go on to optimize the video clip for the service or brand’s keywords.


2. Upload the clip onto YouTube

Secondly, create a YouTube account, and then upload the video onto your channel. Ensure that you choose the title, tags, and description quite carefully, making sure that they all contain the major key phrases and keywords. This will help in ensuring that the video gets the chance to be found when individuals search through YouTube. The other benefit happens to be that Google might even decide to rank your video on the first page of search results, if it takes it to be relevant to search results. Any major video production company in Orange County California can help you with how this is done.


3. Utilize the video in your newsletter/email

Next, consider placing a video link in your newsletter. Take a photo of the video and paste it into your newsletter, then create a link to it. Including an image for the video is probable to enhance your click-through rate by between two and three times, which is quite significant. This also applies to pasting the video into your email. The email could be sent out to chosen parties, with a CTA to view it and then comment.


4. Upload the video onto

Next, you should visit, click on the video section at the top left-hand corner, then create an account for your business. This makes it possible for you to upload your clip. So, when users of the platform search for any required location and service, your clip might be found and viewed.


5. Utilize the video on your LinkedIn profile

Finally, you can utilize the video as your profile on social networking websites such as LinkedIn. If you are already registered on the platform, which happens to be an excellent site for business networking, why don’t you upload your clip onto your profile? This will enable interested persons to hear and watch you, instead of just read about you. This happens to be a much better means of communicating and converting a lot more leads.


These are the five top ways by which you can use the clipfrom your video production Orange County in California, to maximize investment, greatly enhance your image/brand, and drive a lot more qualified traffic to your business website. So, why not try it?

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9 Top Corporate Video Production Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid In 2019




Many businesses make mistakes when it comes to their corporate video production in Orange County. The thinking that a picture says a million words has brought a rise in this production over the past decade. Video marketing and several other productions are being utilized by organizations and businesses to reach out to lots more people.


A Cisco report estimates that in the next few years, videos will be about 95% of all web traffic. And with the International Telecommunications Unit testifying that the internet features billions of users, this is obviously a great tool you must consider using for your business. With it being a project that’s highly technical, you require a production firm to partner with you right from conceptualization up to the video launch. Here are mistakes you must avoid when working with the production firm.


Leaving scriptwriting to the production firm: You, as the client should always tell the story. Irrespective of how good the company is, never allow it to dictate your story.


Telling lopsided stories: You must focus on your audience to make sure your video content captivates them. As such, you should avoid attempting to portray a picture you are not.


Thinking video is an irritating act: Again, you have to remember that the production firm will do whatever you desire. Nevertheless, don’t leave all the leeway to it. You must be fully involved to prevent being overwhelmed and allowing others to do your work. A good video production outfit like,Twelve12 Design Studio, always involves all its clients in the production process.


Producing a video only for its sake: Once you hire a service provider, they just keep doing your bidding. As such, you will get the best out of the services only when your video features a strategic purpose that serves your business.


Poor SEO optimization: If you are using the clip online, then you must optimize it for the search engines. If you hire just ‘any’ videographer, you won’t enjoy this essential skill and your clip might never reach your target market. So, hire very wisely.


Poor production quality: Videography is a truly expensive affair and so, the quality you will get depends on the video company’s resources. This simply means you have to ensure professionalism to prevent cutting corners and such other gimmicks during pre-production.


Straight jacket thinking: After you’ve hired an expert, don’t let any ideas get shoved down your throat. Ensure that the clip being produced suits your business and personality.


Poor preparation: Not preparing well ends in poor quality videos and you have to always be present so things certainly go well.


Hiring the cheapest provider:One saying says cheap is costly. It’s best to steer clear of cheap production services and rather opt for high quality services to avoid loss of money.


There you have them. The foremost mistakes businesses make, when it comes to corporate video production Orange County. Getting highest quality videos is as easy as choosing a professional and competent provider. If it’s so, then why risk working with an unqualified provider and incurring great loses in time and money?

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If you want to know the 9 top corporate video production mistakes you can easily avoid in 2019, read this article. 

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