Roses Against Weeds

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Our love is a rose

Smelling of sweet seduction

Beautiful, standing out in a bed of thorns

Cherished for being exactly what it is


Bold in its ways

Buds of truth, strength, and loyalty

Seeds of hope and faith

Stemmed from the roots of life


Blossoming with each day

Defeats the persistent weeds

A rose for every season

Our love never wilting

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The weeds will only marvel at what we've made.

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Roses against weeds

What a lovely poem; your expections and desire for love - but always the darker side threatening to destroy it. Yes the struggle against nature is well known especially when needing to cultivate a little culture. The same with falling in love so all consuming yet daring; loving to emmerse yourself in the delights of love  and wary that this desire called love will disapear. Realy well written poem and I think your comaprison to the weeds of nature taking over is very dramatic and realy holds the readers attention. Great write and well worth reading, truthintragedie's.

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Thank you for such great

Thank you for such great feedback. The dark areas of love are captivating. Overcoming obstacles with someone, reaps a lifetime of rewards I never knew was possible. 

**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**

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