Enemies of The Cross

They are enemies of the cross, within the so-called Christian Camp,

With Deception as their Boss, and alternative ways for their stamp,

Leading others to eternal loss, with worldly darkness, as their lamp.

But, they still profess to have belief, in The Savior whom we know,

Led by cords of strong deceit, they say narrow isn’t the way to go,

And calling for a spiritual retreat, deceived fools, continue to grow.

They say that they too believed, when they had their religious start,

Just as Eve, they were deceived, not embracing Truth in their heart,

Since The Spirit was not received, from God’s fold they did depart.

A wider path they chose to take, allowing a deeper pool of thought,

For any who follow, no mistake, as easy believism, by all is taught.

As God’s Truth they will forsake, but confusion is all that’s wrought.

The spoken Word of The Lord, written down, for all nations to read,

Is by many of these men ignored, not taken as God’s Truth to heed,

As they simply join a cultic horde, and build beliefs around a creed.

Some men dismiss all of eternity, while they point to things of earth,

Focusing on all that man can see, with a doctrine of temporal worth,

Majoring in earthly responsibility, they see no need for spiritual birth.

They simply dismiss Scriptural Truth, even denying our Lord’s return,

Suggesting just, lack of proof; they’re empty souls, who won’t learn,

But, they’ll see God’s strong reproof, in a pit, which will forever burn.

Though they’re enemies of the cross, it’s not our Lord that they harm,

For they’re only religious dross, who cause The Good Lord no alarm,

And shall be swept into eternal loss, by God’s Powerful Eternal Arm.

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