As The Rain Falls

The Word of God

Friend as the rain begins to pour, its adverse effects we endure.

For the rains, they will not last, as the sun breaks the overcast.

However, all the rain has a worth, as it replenishes a dry earth.

Those rains so heavy as they fall, soon trickle to no rain at all.

We have showers in life as well, but as they fall no one can tell.

In our showers instead of rain, poured upon us is trial and pain.

In a trial, our heart may bleed, but like the rain, they fill a need,

To make us all more like Christ, as He molds us for Eternal Life.

Like the rains when they pour, trials are controlled by The Lord.

However trials get their start, they are used to shape our heart.

And much like the rains friend, all of our trials will have an end.

Though they come with grief, in God’s time, they’re rather brief.

When the rains begin to slow, at times we’ll see God’s rainbow.

It is the promise put in the sky, by The Lord who reigns on high,

To never again destroy the world, with the flood He had unfurled.

A promise given to Noah friend; a righteous example to all men.

Noah heard God and believed; God’s Righteousness he received.

When God judges the earth again, He will save all righteous men.

A Righteousness found in Christ, Who came to be God’s sacrifice.

When in Christ we do believe, His Righteousness we then receive.

Beyond the promise Noah received, we get more when we believe,

With our hope in Jesus Christ, comes an end to the rains of strife.

All who believe in Jesus Christ, are promised by Him Eternal Life.

With an end to all temporal pain, as we, with Him, Eternally Reign.

(Copyright ©08/2005)

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