Moved By His Love


Moved by The Lord’s amazing Love, sent to us free from Heaven above,

Just how could it be my dear friend, that we are so quiet about the end?

Indeed about the end of every life, and everyone’s need for Jesus Christ.

Could it just be a small possibility, some in the Church don’t care to see,

There are people today my friend, who know nothing at all about the end.

While we’ve been given eyes to see, God’s amazing Truth about Eternity.

You see my friend, you and me, have been blessed by God abundantly.

And His blessing we need to share, to show all men how much He cares.

The Spirit has given us the sight, to move our hearts from wrong to right.

And men still on the wrong path, must be warned about the future wrath.

Led from the path of Decimation, unto Christ and His Glorious Salvation,

Those of us, who with sight can see, should be signs pointing to Eternity.

Friend, it can be an awesome disgrace, if Christians latch onto this place.

For us this earth is not our home, but our hearts here continue to roam.

And in our hearts, at times we lust, for the worldly things surrounding us.

This is when our lives may seem to say, earth is the place I’d rather stay.

Maybe Christ in us, men can not see, because we are living too worldly,

When we should be strangers here, while living our lives in reverent fear.

With these days so evil my friend, Christians need to focus upon the end,

So before this world ceases to be, we can point more people to Eternity.

(Copyright ©07/2005)

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