Peace From God

Today I need my God’s total Peace, to put my wandering mind at ease,

In a day filled with so many needs, I must follow wherever Christ leads.

Like a shepherd Christ cares for me, I simply need to trust and believe.

So many burdens do fill my heart, that the day gets off to a cloudy start.

When the day looks dark ahead, I take comfort in The Lord, who said,

“Peace I leave you, and I give you”, and this is what helps me through.

So friend, when I feel fear and dread, I lean upon Jesus Christ instead.

For only Christ can truly fill my day, with peace and joy along the way.

Like a sheep that wanders away, sometimes my mind begins to stray,

It’s then I need a prod from His staff to keep me on His intended path.

For only God knows His plan for me, on this journey towards Eternity,

Plans not to harm, but prosper me, as He builds my future in Eternity.

Anxious I need not to be friend, He knows the beginning from the end,

Jesus had already laid down His life, saving me from a world of strife.

And so in this world of tribulation, in Jesus Christ I can have jubilation,

For by Christ I have been forgiven, and I am on my way up to Heaven.

Friend, this world will have no part, in creating in me an anxious heart,

I shall throw all my cares to Him, for it was Christ who forgave my sin.

And He’s coming back with a peace, that for believers will not cease.

Christ overcame this world friend, and Eternity with Him I shall spend.

(Copyright ©02/2005)

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Afzal Shauq's picture

well done a great love and lovely poem for peace..this is a very good poem and like it much...your poetry is rich and inspiring too..hope you add more poems to enjoy... and wish if you go through my poems too... I am basically a peace dreamer and peacew wisher poet with 6 books and believe in love for all and peaceful world... let me share with you one of my owns says regarding peaceful life...(( a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with...afzal shauq )) hope we save the ailing world with our love poems... for ensuring the peace

poetvg's picture

i love this poem
it is one of my favorites