Watching From Above

God's Sovereignty

He sits above the circle of the earth, filling believers with joy and mirth.

He sits above the world my friend, knowing the beginning from the end,

He watches all that goes on below; there is nothing He does not know.

My friend you can’t hide from Him, any darkness of your folly and sin.

Friend, He is a God that’s everywhere, and when you sin He is there.

He’s been since the beginning of time, watching over all of His design.

And in The Garden watching over all, God observed Adam’s sinful fall.

Today as He watches over these days, God sees all of our sinful ways.

But God sees more than the outside, He sees intent of our heart inside,

God will tell you from the very start, He judges each man from his heart.

God also sees hearts that are pure, who turn away from Satan’s lure,

And Looking down from up above, He sees men that are filled with love.

God rewards all men who seek Him, turning away from their wicked sin,

For He knows where you’ve been; and all of your past life filled with sin.

If you turn to Him with a true heart, God will give you a brand new start,

Then you’ll see as He watches you, God will reward all the good you do.

God not only watches over needs, He records all your Righteous deeds,

Writing in a scroll of remembrance, all who feared God’s Holy presence.

He will distinguish man’s righteousness, from man’s ongoing wickedness.

The Righteous He says “Will be Mine”; yes they will be God’s for all time.

Their names will be in The Book of Life, ultimately read by Jesus Christ,

Every name that is read by Christ, they will receive by Him Eternal Life.

Then the righteous will be refined, preparing them for an eternity of time,

For God had said at the end of time, all of the wise shall eternally shine.

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