Home Above

Home is not this earth for us, for soon we’ll be with Christ Jesus,

With Him in our Heavenly abode, at the end of our temporal road.

A place He prepared for those, who truly believe the Savior rose,

And this home is for all eternity, where with Christ we’ll forever be.

Until then, we shall live for God, as pilgrims upon this earthly sod,

Living for The Lord in The Light, in this world where wrong is right.

As we journey, in this dark place, through the power of His Grace,

Pointing all men to Eternal Life, through God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

Told by Christ to feed His sheep, this as this world is fast asleep,

So together more can behold, God’s Shepherd of an eternal fold.

We’re given by Him eternal hope, helping us in this world to cope,

Not to focus only down here, but, on Christ, whose return is near.

We, who are like sheep going astray, need to be ready every day,

For the return of Christ, our Lord, who’s now standing at the door,

The door of each believing heart, who from earth will soon depart,

To be where we’re meant to be, with our Savior forever, in eternity.

Soon He’ll come for all His own, to take us to our Heavenly home,

When in the twinkling of an eye, we’ll meet Christ Jesus in the sky.

When we hear the trumpet sound, here on earth we’ll not be found,

As we’re gathered in the clouds, with many other heavenly crowds.

(Copyright ©03/2008)

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