An Absence of Light

The End Times

Aimlessly roaming all the day, desperately searching to find a way,

A way to make all things right, only to stumble back into the night.

Darkness invades all their sight, all because of an absence of light.

They begin stumbling along the way, even in the middle of the day.

Whether in the day or the night, friend, there’s only One True Light.

That Truth we continue to herald, Christ is The Light of The world.

All those who come into His Light, no longer stumble in the night.

Many refuse to come to His Light, because their deeds are not right.

Friend you can walk in the Light, whether it is the day or the night,

Just as Christ is in the Light, and we have fellowship in His Might.

Fellowship in The Living Word and a voice until all men have heard.

Let Christ’s Light fill your walk and The Living Word fill your talk.

You are a light set upon a hill and placed by Christ to do His will.

You are the light of the world, with the message of life to herald.

You are a preserving salt; to share the Truth we’ve been taught.

Sharing this one Eternal thought, life less Jesus comes to naught.

We have one urgent light to send, to all the darkness in the end.

The only way one finds this light, is at the cross of Jesus Christ.

If you remain in the dark my friend, Eternal Darkness is your end,

But, come into The Light of Christ, and you will gain Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©11/2004)

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